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The “Reading” section of the General IELTS exam is considered to be the most difficult section by most of the students who have appeared or cleared the exam. There are many reasons for this. Firstly there is a lot of reading that has to be done in limited time. Most of them appearing for these exams haven't read passages of this kind for some time now.It is a reading comprehension test. Couple of passages are given and you need to answer questions that pertain to these passages. It is similar to the comprehension passages that we did at school except that the level of dificulty is higher. However,General Reading Passages are not as difficult as Academic Passages. So you could seek some comfort on that front.

Coming to the pattern of the exam you are required to answer as many as 40 questions pertaining to three different passages in an hours time. The passages of various topics ranging from Navl warfare to Bee keeping.So you could expect passages in a diverse range of topics. Questions are based on acute understandin of the text given to you. However, a little practice and guidance can help you bag the band of your choice.

The types of questions range from one word answers,True/false/Not Given,Assigning titles to different paragraphs and answers that should not exceed three words in length.Well getting aquainted with the format of the exam need not be a concern.As you complete two to three exams you will get familiarised with the Reading Exam.

Some tips which can help you improve your reading skills are :

1. Practice reading fast:
You may wonder about what material you need to read.You can read just about anything – newspapers, magazines,novels, articles but try and read fast and monitor how much you retain in the first go.

2. Read familiar English and not the kind of English that you not familiar with :
In order to practice reading English, it is important that you practice your native English and not necessarily Western English. For example, when you read articles, reading those published by the authors of your country is absolutely fine rather than reading those published by American or Australian authors.You may not enjoy an added advantage.

3. Do no read aimlessly:
Remember that reading test is actually trying to judge your scanning, analyzing and inferring skills. For example, you should be able to scan the entire text for a particular number or word quickly. Your reading has an aim and keep that aim in mind, while practicing to read fast.

4. The trick:
You could quickly go through the questions first. Now, when you read the comprehension passages keep underlining the important parts and use these underlined parts directly to answer the questions. In many instances, you may not have sufficient time to read a passage more than once. Hence, you need to act fast and act smart.

5. Bonus:
There is no negative marking. Hence, attempt the entire sets of questions.

6. Do not jump: Do not directly jump to the body of the passage without reading the headings. Headings and sub-headings should be read very carefully as they give you enough idea as to what the passage is all about and could help you to understand the structure of the passage.

7. Do not panic when you encounter difficult words:
IELTS texts do contain lot of specialized words. However, you can use the entire text to guess the meaning of that word. Just be alert and focus on the information surrounding the word. It will bring you as close to the meaning of the word as possible.

8. Be alert:
Be cautious about using wrong spellings, punctuations and wrong singular and plurals. This leads to heavy deduction in marks.

9. Do not go over board:
You have to adhere strictly to the word limits. Hence, try and avoid lengthy phrases. Remember, the phrase “Cotton Shirt” helps you reduce two words from the phrase “Shirt made of Cotton”. You have to be smart enough to cut down bulky phrases and clauses to lighter ones.

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