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IELTS Academic Speaking

The speaking section evaluates the candidate’s verbal proficiency over the English language. In this part of the exam, the applicant will go through three sections:

  • Introduction and interview
  • Long Turn/Cue Card
  • Discussion/Counter Questions

Introduction and interview : In this section, the applicant gives brief introduction to the examinee and checks the applicant’s identity. After the brief introduction the examiner will ask a few general questions related to daily life. The aim of this section is to acquaint the applicant with the ways of the exam. This section lasts for 4-5 minutes.

Long Turn/Cue Card : The examiner will give a question card with some information and a set of instructions and the candidates will be asked to give their opinion. The candidate is given a preparation time of one minute before they express their views to the examiner. After the discussion is completed, the examiner can add follow-up questions related to it. Long turn lasts for 3-4 minutes.

Discussion : This section is less formal as compared the other two sections. In this section evaluation is largely determined the conversation and interaction of examinee and the candidate. The optimum time taken for the completion of this section is 4-5 minutes.

Grading : The candidates are evaluated for the speaking test on the following basis:

• Coherence and fluency: In this section the examiners look for how fluent the candidate is with the language and the usage of cohesive devices such as conjunctions, transition words and so on.
• Lexical Resource: Here the examiner evaluates the range of vocabulary of the candidate.
• Grammatical Accuracy: This technique is used when the candidate must interpret each and every detail of the passage.
• Pronunciation: As an IELTS applicant, one must have the correct pronunciation. The candidate’s speech and accent should be clearly understood.