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IELTS Academic Reading

The IELTS Academic Test consists of three ‘Reading Passages’ with various types of questions. The time limit for this section is 60 minutes. This section contains 40 questions in all. Each question falls under the following categories.

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  • Multiple choice questions
  • Identifying information
  • Identifying writer’s view/claim
  • Matching information
  • Matching headings
  • Matching features
  • Matching sentences endings
  • Sentence completion
  • Summary , note, table, flow-chart completion
  • Diagram label completion
  • Short answer questions

Multiple choice questions : The test taker is given a question with multiple answers as options and one must choose only a single correct answer.

Identifying information : These questions ask the applicant whether the provided statements agree with the content of the passages. Candidates must understand the difference between a false statement and a statement that is not given.

Identifying writer’s view/claim : The nature of this task is similar to that of the task of identifying information, however, the candidate must focus on the views and opinions of the author.

Matching information : The candidate is expected to find connections between the question and the text from the passage.

Matching headings : This particular question type requires the candidate to look for the general idea of paragraph rather than specific information.

Matching features : In this section, the applicant must complete statements corresponding to the given list of options.

Matching sentence endings : The test taker has to match and complete sentences corresponding to the list of options provided.

Sentence completion : The candidate must complete sentences with given number of words which are taken from text. The candidates will lose marks will if the world limit exceeds.

Summary, note, table, flow-chart completion : The candidates are provided with a summary of the passage and the applicant must complete it using text from the passage.

Diagram completion/Labelling : The candidate studies the text and completes the labels on the diagram.

Short answer question : In this section, the candidate needs to write short answers based on the understanding of the passage.